How to Fight Loneliness

“I don’t remember working a lot, but I must have worked a lot. Because it was a good place to disappear to,” Tweedy said softly of making Sukierae, which commenced with Spencer before Susan got sick, and was inevitably affected in the aftermath. “This is the argument that I always feel like never gets as much traction as the ‘tortured artist’ argument, [which] is that artists actually have it a little easier because everybody fucking suffers but artists have something to do with it.”

He paused to laugh at the memory. His mother died during the making of Wilco’s 2007 LP, Sky Blue Sky. “I think about how there’s times where I fall asleep watching a movie with my kids or something and I feel guilty, like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry I couldn’t stay awake.’ And they don’t give a shit. You’re just with them. You’re a presence in their lives. That’s the shit they’ll remember as much as you planning a fucking hike in the Grand Canyon or something.”

“The way I see it is that I was always pretty comfortable with being vulnerable, but not particularly confident,” Tweedy said. “I feel like I’m a lot more confident, but I still embrace the fact that I am pretty vulnerable, if that makes any sense. I don’t have to be somebody else. I don’t have to be as good as somebody else, I just have to keep making stuff that I am excited by. That is one of the only things I have had control over. I am more aware of it — I am more aware of the things that I have control over.”

Too Much | Michael Cera

MC has a bandcamp and I haven’t been this happy since The Long Goodbye’s myspace page.

On Depression & Getting Help

This was originally posted February 26, 2010.

I deal with suicidal, unipolar depression and I take medication daily to treat it. Over the past seven years, I’ve had two episodes that were severe and during which I thought almost exclusively of suicide. I did not eat much and lost weight during…

You brought immense joy to the world, I am so sorry we could not return the favor.